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Holidays in Bregenz

Visitors holidaying in Bregenz certainly won't miss out on anything. Lakeside and mountains, the buzz of city life and the peace of the natural world; this small city boasts a great variety of contrasting attractions, made even more palatable by the top-class infrastructure one would expect in a regional capital.

Offering a comprehensive selection of cultural activities belied by its relaxed small-town atmosphere, Vorarlberg's capital, with an attractive lakeside and stunning mountains, is characterised by contrasts.

Anyone visiting Bregenz will be surprised at the city's many faces. The leisure opportunities here are almost endess: explore the shores of Lake Constance by bike; walk up the Pfänder or take the easy way up on the cable car; enjoy summer at the lido by the lake; take a boat trip around Bregenz harbour; tour the galleries and museums and, most important of all, visit the Festival Hall and the "floating" stage.

Why not get to know the city on one of the many available guided tours? Themed city tours relaxting to the Festival, art and architecture or medieval Bregenz are offered. Or set off on your own individual tour of discovery. The Bregenz iPhone app will come in handy here.


There's a lot to see in Bregenz. To mention just a few highlights, the Festival Hall with its "floating" stage, Bregenz Art Gallery(KUB), the high town with Martin's tower, the imposing Heart of Jesus church and, naturally, the fabulous lakeside promenade are definitely not to be missed.

If you are interested in the town's history, head for the Vorarlberg Museum, which offers all manner of fascinating information about the oldest town on Lake Constance.  Afterwards walk through the town to compare notes, and see if you can spot one or two familiar buildings. It's great to see how the old and the new blend seamlessly together to create a wonderfully harmonious architectural whole.

Nowadays the famous Bregenz Festival is also an integral part of the city's history. Started in 1946, the Festival draws thousands of visitors each year to the city, many from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The Bregenz "floating" stage provides a unique combination of culture and lakeside magic.

Lake Constance Discovery Pass

Lake Constance and Vorarlberg Leisure Passes

The main attractions of Bregenz are included in 3 different leisure passes: the Lake Constance Discovery Pass, the Vorarlberg Pass and the Lake Constance-Vorarlberg Leisure Pass. When selecting your pass take into account which areas and destinations interest you especially, so that you choose the one best suited to your individual leisure preferences.

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