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Vorarlberg Canyoning Team

Join the Vorarlberg Canyoning Team on an adventure through water and rocks, and experience the natural world from a whole new angle. 

Experience the force of water...

 and follow its path back over the course of thousands of years, sliding and jumping into crystal-clear pools, abseiling through roaring waterfalls. In a word, discover the natural world from a whole new perspective - one inaccessible in "normal life"!   

That is the fascination of canyoning. Potential devotees should have a sense of adventure and quite a bit of nerve - something no canyoner can afford to be without!

It's not something for loners - rafting is a team sport; the raft can only be controlled by joint effort.
Two or three people perform a "dance" with the sporty little Canadian inflatable canoes; and in the large inflatable, teams of eight to twelve people compete in a white water adventure.

Rafting on the Bregenzer Ach