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Boat trips on Lake Constance

Choose from a selection of attractive round trips and excursions - explore Lake Constance by boat!

Boat trip on Lake Constance | (c) photo: Mende, Hohentwiel

There's no better or more comfortable way of enjoying the highlights of Lake Constance.

Quite apart from the numerous day trips on offer, you can also enjoy an evening on the lake, partying and dancing the night away. Lake Constance - the heart of Europe.

The lake's stunning coastline and multitude of cultural highlights cannot fail to amaze you, and the peace, beauty and variety it has to offer can best be appreciated from the deck of a ship. Whether you see it in the golden midday light, or bathed in the last rays of the setting sun, your trip on Lake Constance will be an experience that will remain indelibly etched in your memory. And you'll enjoy the congenial atmosphere on board ship just as much as the scenery!